BALTIMORE (AP) _ A coin dealer accused of swindling novelist Tom Clancy out of more than $2 million was indicted on 35 counts of conspiracy and securities fraud.

Prosecutors say Richard Scott bilked not only the ``Patriot Games'' author Clancy but used the best-selling author's name to entice about 130 people in 17 states to invest $7.5 million.

``It was a very nasty little scheme and what is most troublesome to the Clancys is not even so much their financial loss but that their names were used to promote these despicable activities,'' Ellyn Brown, the novelist's lawyer, said Thursday.

Prosecutors said Scott fraudulently posed as a successful investor specializing in buying rare coins. He invested in a highly speculative mutual fund and used investors' money to pay credit card debt, buy electronic equipment and pay for gambling junkets, they contend.

If convicted on all counts, Scott and two co-defendants could face more than 100 years in prison.