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Bright and Brief

July 29, 1987

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (AP) _ For Dean Baker, the one that got away was definitely a whale of a catch.

Baker, 17, was out looking for a nice-sized salmon Tuesday when he finally got ″the big one″ and snared a 45-foot whale in his gill net.

″His head came up and he started spouting,″ said Baker, recalling the incident at the mouth of the Klamath River. ″Then, he just started swimming away with my net.″

The whale broke loose after several minutes, tearing a 25-foot by 6-foot gash in Baker’s net.

The 17-year-old fisherman had cast a net about 1 a.m. when the whale swam in, he said. Temporarily trapped, the whale thrashed in the water for several minutes while Baker ran to call the sheriff’s department and a friend held onto the net anchor on shore.

By the time Baker returned, the whale had broken free.

Ron Warner, associate marine biologist for Fish and Game in Crescent City, said whales often swim up to 100 yards into the mouth of the river, although this is the first time he recalls one being caught in a net.

″Somebody got a 12-foot white shark about three, maybe four years ago,″ said Warner. ″What a surprise that was.″


MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Father and son were reportedly doing fine after Darryl Thomas Frazier came into the world thanks to his dad and a dispatcher.

The 6-pound, 6-ounce boy was delivered Monday by his father, Sherman Frazier, with a little help over the telephone from a fire department dispatcher.

The Fraziers telephoned the Madison Fire Department at 12:24 a.m. Monday to say the birth appeared imminent.

Two minutes later, Darryl was born.

And two minutes after that, an ambulance arrived and baby and mother were whisked away to a hospital, where both are doing fine.

″It was too fast,″ said Mary Frazier.

Her husband, she said, ″was kind of spaced out. I told him to take control because it was coming. Someone had to deliver the baby.″

Frazier was fumbling around with the phone book, Mary said, so she told him just to call the operator. The operator connected Sherman with the dispatcher.

Dispatcher Lisa Chandler, who had completed her training as an emergency medical technician just a week earlier, said the birth was ″kind of exciting.″

She said Sherman was pretty panicked, but, all in all, did a good job.


CHICAGO (AP) - What’s a birthday party times five?

A bash, and that’s what happened Tuesday at the Luthern General Hospital as the Chikaraishi quintuplets celebrated their fifth birthdays with a five-foot cake.

Juli, B.J., Kristi, Kari and Jami rode in a limousine to the hospital for an early birthday party. They were born there on Aug. 4, 1982.

Hospital officials threw the birthday party as part of Luthern General’s dedication of its Childrens Medical Center.

The children giggled and screamed in delight as clowns and jugglers performed.

Despite their many similarities, the quintuplets differed on what was the highlight on the party.

″I liked the cake,″ Juli said.

″I like the presents,″ said Jami. ″I got a tape recorder.″

The quintuplets’ father, James Chikaraishi, said raising five children at once ″does put a financial squeeze on us, especially when thinking about when they get married or go to college.″

Their mother, Amy, said she was looking forward to the five children starting kindergarten this fall and the time she will have to herself when school is in session.

When the quintuplets were born prematurely, doctors weren’t certain they would survive.

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