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Andrew Young’s Son Arrested for Gun, Alcohol Possession

November 23, 1990

ATLANTA (AP) _ The 17-year-old son of former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and alcohol possession after he and two other teen-agers were stopped for littering, police said Friday.

Police said Andrew J. Young III, a high school student, was in a car they stopped near his father’s house on Thursday night. The car had been pulled over after Officer Larry Geisz saw a bag of trash thrown out of it.

Geisz said he noticed a holster by Young’s foot and when he asked the youth what it was, ″he did not answer, but reached down and pulled up a pistol and pointed it at me.″

Geisz said the youth put down the weapon when he drew his own.

The former mayor said his son told him the gun belonged to an older brother of the car’s driver, who kept it under the seat.

″Bo told me he picked up the gun by the barrel because they told him to pick it up,″ the elder Young said. ″He did not point it at anyone.

″They were wrong for littering and had no business having alcohol in the car or having anything to do with a gun,″ he added.

All three youths - Young, James Douglas, and the driver, Reginald B. Wright, all of whom are 17 - were charged with possession of alcohol by minors. Douglas also was charged with littering.

Young was trounced in an Aug. 7 Democratic primary runoff with Lt. Gov. Zell Miller in his bid to become Georgia’s first black governor. He is chairman of an Atlanta-based international engineering company.

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