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Mother Says She Chained Up Daughter to Keep Her Out of Trouble

March 8, 1994

BOSTON (AP) _ A woman charged with chaining her 15-year-old daughter to a radiator said she feared the girl would become a prostitute and run away from home.

Police freed the teen-ager on Friday after she tossed a note out a window pleading for help.

″I went too far,″ Lucille Malone said Monday. The 37-year-old nurse was freed without bail after pleading innocent to assault and battery and abuse.

Her daughter, Jeannie, said that if her mother hadn’t restrained her, ″it would have been worse. ... She didn’t want me to get hurt or run away.″

The teen-ager was interviewed by telephone from the psychiatric hospital where she was taken after showing suicidal tendencies.

Malone said said a girl had talked her daughter into inviting boys over in the middle of the night while Malone was at work. She said that when she told her daughter to stop seeing certain people, the girl threatened to run away.

″I only stopped her from leaving my house, tied her up for almost an hour and a half,″ Malone said.

Police found the girl sitting on a nightstand, chained around the waist and padlocked to the radiator.

Malone said other inmates in jail praised her for trying to keep her daughter out of trouble.

″The other girls said to me that if their mothers had chained them to a radiator, they wouldn’t be where they are today,″ Malone said.

Several neighbors said she had been driven to desperation by a rebellious daughter.

″She just wanted the good things for her children,″ Mariam Ruiz said.

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