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BC-US--Westminster Dog Show, US

January 23, 2019
Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — There are two new breeds — and 16 syllables — coming to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show this year.

The grand basset griffon Vendeen (grahnd bah-SAY’ grih-FAHN’ vahn-DAY’-ahn) and the Nederlandse kooikerhondje (NAY’-dehr-lahn-seh KOY’-kehr-hahnd-jeh) make their debuts at next month’s show.

One dog from each breed will get a nationally televised turn among the more than 190 breeds on the purple carpet at the nation’s premier canine contest.

About 3,200 dogs are entered to compete. They range from wee Malteses to strapping mastiffs.

The show includes agility and obedience competitions along with the breed judging that leads to the signature Best in Show trophy, awarded on Feb. 12 at Madison Square Garden and live on FS1.

The relatively new agility and obedience contests are open to mixed-breed dogs as well as purebreds.