Letters To The Editor 8/21/2018

August 21, 2018

Issues unresolved

Editor: It was pure, unadulterated irony. In the “City, Dunmore: Toss lawsuit” article of the Aug. 16 Times-Tribune city officials would have us believe the balance of a $12 million fund set aside to resolve remaining Scranton Sewer Authority issues is sufficient.

The same edition had a story, “Leaning retaining wall draws concerns in Green Ridge” and identifies a number of costly stormwater issues that pre-existed the sewer authority sale.

Understandably missing is the current balance of the $12 million sewer sale proceeds that were set aside and a number of unresolved sewer issues. Also missing is the official city sewer authority plan, should the resolution of the remaining items and related expenses exceed the $12 million. Is the plan to take a tin cup to the state or federal government, or will taxpayers be forced to cover the expenses after squandering the sewer authority sale proceeds?

Inquisitive property-tax payers want to know the answers to these issues and many residents would like to know when and how the issues raised in the retaining wall article will be resolved. I am ashamed that the city and authority have not addressed the issues. I guess they never heard a stitch in time saves nine.




Add more pipelines

Editor: Oil and natural gas pipelines, or the lack of them in New York state, adversely impacts households, businesses and manufacturers — a lesson Pennsylvania should keep in mind.

In New York state, households and businesses pay, on average, 44 percent above the national average for electricity. In January, during historic cold temperatures, the New York City region saw spot market prices hit record highs.

Natural gas provides nearly 46 percent of the state’s electricity, a figure that’s projected to swell as natural gas dependency grows and regional nuclear and coal-power plants shutter.

Still, several state officials including those in the administration of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, have banned hydraulic fracturing and stonewalled or delayed the approval of needed infrastructure proposals.

Pennsylvania leaders, many of whom work to thwart the gas industry, should look toward New York as a case of what could happen if the state runs out of the infrastructure it needs to heat and cool its own residence and businesses cost-effectively. We need more policies that promote the development and safe transportation of our energy, not just for the 1.6 million Pennsylvanians on food stamps in dire need of a fiscal break but for the thousands of businesses with razor-thin profit margins.

Such policies include doing a better job of supporting job-creating energy facilities and green-lighting infrastructure proposals, especially pipelines, the safest way to move energy.

It also means denying requests to ban fracking and saying no to additional taxes on gas production, which would eliminate jobs and force industry to make tough decisions about working in Pennsylvania and the ways they should move energy.






Change direction

Editor: In the presidential campaign of 2008, Barack Obama mistakenly said the other side “cling(s) to their guns and Bibles.”

In 2016, Hillary Clinton referred to the base of Donald Trump’s support as “deplorables.” That was also a mistake.

These statements were not untrue. Nevertheless, the Republican Party, since 2008, has become something other than its original form. Looking back, we see that Republicans had a conviction that they offered something good. It was, and is, an illusion.

They argue that they achieved the placement of a justice on the Supreme Court and passed a tax-cut-bill. Well, Justice Neil Gorsuch is nothing special and the tax cut decreases even as the national debt increases. They advanced the agenda of President Trump as more important items and issues went unaddressed. The remnant of a once noble political party is good at obstruction, but it can’t govern.

The nation must rise up in protest on Nov. 6. Every registered citizen should vote. Only in this way can we wrest the control of our country from a heedless president and his party. Our hope must be that it isn’t over and our fate already decided. We can go back to the beginning to recover our destiny.

Admittedly, there are many impediments, the most formidable being the anger and hatred of Trump supporters — as well as the arrogance to the point of insufferableness in Donald J. Trump.

As we take on the patriotic challenge, let’s not forget our goal — e pluribus unum, or out of many, one.




Make Mexico pay

Editor: Being that legal taxpaying citizens of the United States pay for financial aid to foreign countries via the tax dollars they pay to the federal government, one way to have Mexico help pay for that wall that President Trump wants to have built on the southern border would be to give Mexico 2 percent of the total amount of financial aid the United States gives to Mexico every year until the total cost of the wall is finally paid off.

Isn’t that a brainstorm of an idea of how to have Mexico help the United States pay for that proposed wall? Does anybody else have any better ideas of how to have Mexico help the United States pay for that wall?

If so, then send letters to editors across the nation about your ideas and ask them to publish your letters in their newspapers. If the United States ever has open borders, it will be the final ruination of our country.




Keep the faith

Editor: One of the hardest things I had to understand was God’s gift of free will.

It is a fact that it is difficult for humans to understand why God does not step in to heal, help or stop horrible atrocities. It is only human nature to blame the Catholic Church for the terrible scandal of sex abuse that recently came out and there have been sins of denial and cover-up by too many priests.

Only God can get us all through this terrible time. We must pray and the most powerful prayer is the mass. To deny our God praise and thanksgiving or to leave the church in shame because of the sins of some of his members is not a solution for our pain.

Coming together in prayer for direction, healing for victims and punishment for those guilty of this great crime against the innocent is needed. The church will continue to the end of time, we are promised, not because we are good or worthy but because God promised.




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