Richard Cordray pumps up Jeopardy! appearances to woo voters

August 20, 2018

Richard Cordray pumps up Jeopardy! appearances to woo voters

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Democratic gubernatorial nominee Richard Cordray is leaning on his nerdy credentials in his latest bid to pick up voters.

Cordray, a five-time champion of the trivia game show Jeopardy!, is releasing a series of ads highlighting his multiple appearances on the show. The former Obama administration official is coupling the spots with a website hosting videos of his appearances on the show.

The digital ads -- which are produced in the vein of a 1980s game show -- start by asking a piece of trivia about Ohio to a bewildered-looking person who can’t respond. Cordray enters the frame to give the correct answer followed by footage of Cordray on Jeopardy! in the 1980s and plugging the RichKnowsOhio.com website.

The website is akin to a fanboy creation, recounting his five original appearances on the show, including four full episodes before launching into more of Cordray’s personality before linking to his issues page on his regular campaign website.

Cordray’s love for trivia is well known, and he routinely posts trivia questions on Twitter from the campaign trail. He played Ohio trivia on the Ohio Matters podcast, with the hosts able to stump him a couple times. His Jeopardy! appearance on the 2014 Tournament of Champions was added to the Hulu online streaming service.

Listen to Ohio Matters with Richard Cordray:

A Cordray spokeswoman declined to reveal how much the campaign was spending on the strategy, but did say it was five figures. The ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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