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Asian-Americans say National Review cover is offensive, racist

March 20, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ Asian-Americans are outraged at the latest cover of the National Review magazine, which depicts Bill and Hillary Clinton bucktoothed with narrow eyes and wearing stereotypical Chinese clothing.

Asian-American groups have threatened to protest outside the New York offices of the conservative magazine, claiming the cover is offensive and racist.

The monthly magazine has been flooded with letters since the issue hit the stands last week.

``It’s reminiscent of the caricature made of the Chinese in the 1800s,″ Daphne Kwok, executive director of the Organization of Chinese Americans, told the Daily News in today’s editions.

Vice President Al Gore is depicted on the cover as well, wearing Buddhist robes and holding a cup spouting with money. The caricature is a reference to questionable fund-raising efforts at a Buddhist temple in Los Angeles.

John O’Sullivan, editor of the National Review, told the News the charges were ``vile and slanderous ... the result of an orchestrated campaign by the Ethnic Grievance Industry.″

He refused to apologize.

``These groups clearly have to make an issue out of it in order to keep going,″ O’Sullivan said. ``I have talked to Asian-Americans who are not offended.″

The article discusses recent articles on the Democratic campaign funds controversy and Clinton’s relationship with Asia-connected fund-raisers.

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