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BC-WI--Wisconsin Weekend Exchange Digest, WI

December 28, 2018

Here are the Wisconsin AP Member Exchange Features for Dec. 29-31:



JANESVILLE, Wis. _ At the General Motors assembly plant, Jeff Hanson horsed truck bodies onto vehicle frames — one every 56 seconds, hundreds in an eight-hour or 10-hour shift. It was one of Hanson’s many jobs as a floating line worker, filling in wherever and whenever other co-workers were absent. Co-workers called Hanson “Big Dog.” His arms were big and burly. They still are, even though Hanson’s factory days are long past. He took a buyout from GM in 2007, when a decade-long boom in SUV production began to sputter amid $4 gasoline and the early stages of the Great Recession. By Neil Johnson, The Janesville Gazette. SENT IN ADVANCE: 3244 words, photos.


MONTELLO, Wis. _ The location and future of Shirley’s Old Time Barbershop is precarious. The foundation of the business, even during the driest months, is in constant contact with the Montello River, which flows south out of Lake Montello and dissects this city’s historic downtown before merging with the Fox River and, miles downstream, emptying into Puckaway Lake. So when heavy rains soaked the region in August and turned even the smallest creeks into raging torrents, Shirley Lynch had considerable concern. Her shop, a fixture in this city’s downtown for generations, has now been closed for nearly four months. By Barry Adams, Wisconsin State Journal. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1341 words, photos.



EAU CLAIRE, Wis. _ To Charlie Kwick, hosta gardening was always just hobby — something the 78-year-old decided to take up in his retirement along with golf and making jam. But during the last decade, as the Eau Claire resident has gradually filled up his south side front yard with hostas, most of which of his own creation through hybridizing, it’s becoming clear Kwick’s passion for the shade-tolerant foliage plants isn’t just another hobby. It’s a talent. By Samantha West, Leader-Telegram. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1374 words.


LAKE GENEVA, Wis. _ A little bit of wintertime whimsy is coming to Riviera Beach in Lake Geneva. Ice Castles, an attraction built completely out of icicles, is getting larger by the day and soon will open. Located in the heart of downtown Lake Geneva, Riviera Beach is a favorite gathering spot year-round. Ice Castles is expected to open Jan. 10, 2019 and draw large crowds. By Erica Pennington, Beloit Daily News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 476 words, photos

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