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Hawks Scout Gary Wortman Dies at 59

October 24, 2000

ATLANTA (AP) _ Gary Wortman, the Atlanta Hawks’ assistant coach and scouting director, died of a brain tumor at 59.

The tumor was discovered in late spring, and he died Monday.

Wortman mined the NBA, CBA and college and European ranks for the Hawks for eight years.

``Gary was a sounding board,″ Hawks general manager Pete Babcock said. ``He sought no credit but he is the reason we have Chris Crawford on our team and he is the guy who pushed hardest for Jason Terry.″

Wortman continued working, helping the Hawks in the 2000 draft, even after he had begun receiving treatment for the cancer.

Wortman is survived by his wife, Antje, two children and a stepson.

A funeral service will be Friday led by former Hawks center Andrew Lang, who is an ordained minister.