RDA to seek proposals for demolition project

March 19, 2019

The Watertown Redevelopment Authority authorized Executive Director Kristen Fish to create a request for proposal for demolition bids for the 100 block of West Main Street during its meeting on Wednesday.

“We know that the demolition will be complex so we want a demolition company that is experienced in complex demolition projects,” Fish said.

The board approved a request for proposal draft for architect and engineering design work for the town square. Fish said she will be releasing the request for proposal this week and it would be due at the end of May.

The board discussed property insurance for the buildings on the 100 block of West Main Street, regarding the businesses that are still operating there and buying insurance monthly until the tenants leave. Fish said this is to make sure the board doesn’t end up with a liability or an expense related to any failures on the buildings.

The board asked Fish to get more information about what is covered in the policies.

Fish reported that the Collaborative Committee, a group of civic leaders from city organizations, is supporting the Watertown Public Safety and Welfare Committee regarding property maintenance downtown.

“The Collaborative Committee wants to be supportive of enforcing the code and making sure property owners are caring for their building,” she said.

Fish notified the board that the auditors are finished with gathering information.

“It went well from that perspective but we don’t have the results from the audit yet,” she said.