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CIA Recruiters Sprayed By Protesters

September 29, 1987

MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ Three Central Intelligence Agency recruiters were sprayed with plastic foam as they left a University of Wisconsin campus building during a protest by about 25 people.

The protesters also removed items from the recruiters’ briefcases and ripped up CIA literature while the recruiters were at lunch, said Sandra Arnn, director of the engineering college placement office.

The protesters, who were organized by the Progressive Student Network, occupied the engineering college’s interviewing rooms for about a half-hour before leaving voluntarily Monday.

There were no arrests. But Lt. Phillip Dixon of the UW-Madison police and security department said charges could be brought against the protesters who sprayed the recruiters with the non-toxic plastic foam.

Ms. Arnn said the recruiters interviewed about 36 students.

The issue of CIA recruiting on campus has sparked a number of protests at UW-Madison during recent years.

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