ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ Athens Olympic officials were expected to give an update of their funding plans to Jacques Rogge, head of the IOC's Athens coordination committee, who arrived today for two days of meetings.

But financial issues have loomed as one of the most nagging concerns since October, when the government bowed to criticism and canceled an on-line gaming and quiz program intended to help fund the 2004 Games.

Rogge is expected to be briefed on a proposal to raise up to $217 million through a planned stock market offering of shares in the state-controlled sports gambling organization OPAP. European Union funds and $6 million from the economy ministry will be added.

But the projected amount is only a fraction of the $1.7 billion needed to stage the Athens Games.

And there are potential risks in counting on profits from the Athens Stock Exchange, which has stumbled recently after more than a year of unprecedented rises.

Public Works Minister Costas Laliotis was put in charge of planning for pending Olympic projects such as the sailing venue and the rowing and canoeing centers.