Owner of Ristorante di Acquaviva asks Sycamore City Council to amend liquor license code

May 8, 2019

SYCAMORE – Vito Brandonisio of Ristorante di Acquaviva is asking the city of Sycamore to amend its liquor code to allow for an additional liquor license for his establishment.

At the council meeting Monday, Brandonisio implored the city council to change his Class A liquor license to a Class B liquor license to better accommodate patrons who wish to stay at this business longer in the evenings. The consideration was not a voting item Monday, and will be up for an official vote regarding the permit request next Monday.

“We have a lot of customers coming from afar,” he said. “And they come over there and sit and try to enjoy their stay, and the lights start going off and they have to leave. The kitchen closes up.”

City Manager Brian Gregory said that when Brandonisio applied for his Class A license for the restaurant at 219 W. State St., in Sycamore, which is affiliated with the Maple Park-based winery of the same name, he was building a fine dining restaurant. But times have changed

“He since has opened up another building and established more of a bar in that building,” Gregory said. “The crowd starts to migrate as it gets later.”

Gregory said the city currently has 11 licensed liquor establishments, and city code mandates a license can be added every time the population increases. He said that recent permit data estimates Sycamore’s population is about 18,000, which would allow for more licenses.

“I love Sycamore, I want to be in Sycamore, I want to stay in Sycamore, but I need the council’s help,” Brandonisio said.

Ward 4 Alderman Rick “Spider” Kramer asked if there was any recommendation from the city’s Liquor Commission. Lang said the commission voted, 12-4, in support of the license change.

“I think this is fine,” Lang said. “We’ve had 12 [licenses] before, so I would support his request.”