Joe Bill Thomas: Intolerant left, or intolerable right?

February 25, 2019

Editor: Once again, Ed Schweizer feels he understands, and is able to speak for liberal Democrats across the land. His demonization of half of the American population is unwarranted, and uncalled for. In his post he managed to label Democrats as socialists, mockers of the handicapped, of “Manly Men”, naysayers to immigrants assimilating to the American lifestyle, baby killers, and haters of Thomas Jefferson. Wow! That was a lot to read on a Sunday morning! I literally choked on my coffee! Ed went on to describe Democrats as intolerant and seeking to suppress his vote. Please allow me to address some of Ed’s rambling, hate-filled post. Democrats are your neighbors, we go to your churches, we work side by side with you at your workplaces, we are policemen, firefighters, teachers, and the likes. We pay taxes, we believe in the constitution, we rise for the pledge of allegiance in order to pay our respects for those that sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. However, we understand, that freedom affords those that choose not to rise (for whatever their reasons) to do so. Please remember the part of the pledge that says, “Freedom and Justice for All!” There are plenty of countries where it’s illegal to opt out of standing for the flag, and you might very well be beheaded! That’s not freedom. Ed ended his post by calling half of the American population: Stupid, Crazy, and Evil.

Ed, I believe you are the problem! You’re rhetoric is dangerous for our Democracy, people like you are divisive, and this hate speech is literally ripping the fabric the unites us all as fellow Americans. I truly wish you peace, and I hope that you come to the realization that we are not against you, that we are not the enemy, we share more in common than you give credit.

Joe Bill Thomas

Lake Havasu City