Alleged road rage case nets gun, drug charges

March 6, 2019

Police were told a black Cadillac involved in a road rage incident on Gump Road was parked in front of the Subway in Huntertown.

An officer from the Allen County Sheriff’s Department approached the car and, through dark tinted windows, he could see a man eating.

The officer knocked on the window, which was rolled down by Tate Stiner, 21, of the 11400 block of Trails North Drive, according to court documents.

The encounter between Stiner and the officer about 3:45 p.m. Saturday led to drug and gun-related charges.

When asked if he’d been involved in a road rage incident on Gump Road near Indiana 3, Stiner explained that someone had been going at high speed and almost rear-ended him.

He denied pointing a gun at the other driver, court documents said.

The gun, a Glock 19, was in the driver’s side door compartment. On the seat next to Stiner was a cardboard box with a large plastic bag full of marijuana. There was also a dog in the car, court records said.

During questioning, Stiner was asked how the other driver saw the gun if he hadn’t pointed it at him. Stiner said the other driver was in a van that was taller than the Cadillac, and the driver could therefore see the gun. He said he raised the gun from the center console, court documents said.

Officers said the Cadillac had a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and there were three plastic bags containing cocaine and a plastic bag containing 35 yellow Alprazolam pills, documents said. There was also a scale with powdery white residue on it and 28 small manila envelopes containing marijuana. Inside Stiner’s coat pocket, police found nearly $2,300.

Stiner was charged Monday with intimidation by drawing a deadly weapon, narcotic drug dealing, marijuana dealing and misdemeanor charges of controlled substance possession and marijuana possession.

He was being held in lieu of $110,000 bail at the Allen County Jail and has a hearing Thursday.