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Man Fatally Shot After Disarming Security Guard

April 14, 1987

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A man believed to be a convict who escaped in shackles from a courthouse was shot to death today by police after overpowering and disarming a security guard, police said.

The security guard was assaulted shortly before 7 a.m. in the Mount Washington area, north of downtown and about six miles south of the Pasadena courthouse where the escape occurred on Monday.

The assailant took the guard’s pistol before fleeing into shrubbery, police Officer Bob Padilla said.

Few details of the shootout were immediately available.

Daniel Angel Vega, 23, had escaped from the courthouse in Pasadena on Monday while awaiting a hearing on charges he threatened to kill the father of rock star David Lee Roth unless he was paid $25,000.

″All indications so far are that it is Vega. He’s dressed like Vega. He looks like Vega,″ Officer Margie Reid said of the dead man.

On Monday, Vega pulled a gun on a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy and fled to a waiting pickup truck, said Deputy Pete Fosselman.

″Vega is truly a one-man crime wave,″ Los Angeles County Probation Officer David Solin wrote in a May 1986 sentencing report. ″He has acted as a predator who regards society as his hunting grounds.″

Vega already had been sentenced to four life terms plus 25 years for several other crimes including armed robbery, kidnapping, kidnapping for ransom, grand theft, and various weapons violations, police said.

Because of his record, Vega was considered an escape risk and was put in leg shackles and kept in an isolation cell at the courthouse. He has been held in the county jail since August 1985.

Investigators didn’t know who drove the getaway truck or how Vega got the gun, police said.

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