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Massacre and Suicide by Airman in Mosque

November 10, 1988

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) _ An airman opened fire with an automatic weapon at people praying in a mosque at a military base in Jessore, then turned the weapon on himself, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

It gave no casualty figures, but journalists in Jessore said at least 10 people were killed in the shooting Tuesday night, including the airman, and 50 wounded. They said most were believed to be air force personnel.

A Defense Ministry statement said: ″Some casualties occurred among the worshipers as a result of indiscriminate firing without any apparent reason″ at the Matiur Rahman base.

Air force officers and civilian officials in both Dhaka and Jessore, about 85 miles southwest of the capital, refused to give casualty figures.

Witnesses said funeral services for an unknown number of ″uniformed personnel″ were conducted Wednesday morning at Shaheen College next to the military quarters in Dhaka.

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