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Dwarf Determined To Change Law On Use Of Crossbow

March 16, 1987

INDIANOLA, Miss. (AP) _ Kenneth Hodge has heard all the jokes about his push for a state law revision that would allow him to hunt with a crossbow. And he’s not laughing.

″I would like to get up before those legislators and tell them this is not something to laugh about,″ said the 3-foot-9 man. ″I would ask them to step in my shoes just once, and they would learn that this is no joke.″

Hodge asked Rep. Will Green Poindexter of Inverness to introduce a bill in the Legislature this session that would allow dwarfs to hunt with crossbows.

In Mississippi, handicapped people are allowed to hunt with crossbows. Dwarfs are not considered handicapped under state law.

The measure failed earlier this year, but Hodge wants Poindexter to try again next year.

″I have always wanted to bow hunt,″ said the 29-year-old mechanic. ″I have tried it, and my arms are just too small to pull back the bow.″

Next session, the measure may get the support of wildlife officials.

Joe Stone, executive director of the state Department of Wildlife Conservation, and Conservation Commissioner Champ Terney said dwarfs should be allowed to use crossbows, which have triggers.

″This is an interesting story that catches the imagination,″ Stone said. ″I’m in sympathy with (Hodge) because I had a horse accident several years ago, and I can’t pull a big bow back anymore. I can see why he would want this.″

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