Barge hits stalled boat near Red Wing marina

August 1, 2018

A Goodhue County Sheriff's patrol boat and a private boat are pulled up alongside a barge on the Mississippi River Saturday. A boat ran out of gas and collided with a barge being towed upriver, sending two occupants of the boat into the river from which they were eventually rescued.

RED WING — A motorboat that ran out of gas on the Mississippi River near Red Wing was struck by a barge, sending several occupants of the boat into the water.

The collision occurred at about 1:12 p.m. Saturday when a 15-foot boat stalled in the main channel of the river and began drifting down the river with the fast current. At the same time, the tow boat Bill Stegbauer, which was hauling six barges upriver, was headed toward the boat, according to a report from the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office.

When the boat collided with one of the barges, two of the three passengers on the smaller boat were thrown overboard. One was thrown a float cushion from a nearby boater and rescued.

The second passenger was submerged under the barge before surfacing on the side. The operator of the boat climbed onto the barge then went into the water to help the female passenger. The barge crew then lowered a ladder, which the pair held onto until more help arrived, the report states.

Eventually, the two were rescued from the water by Goodhue County Sheriff’s deputies who arrived in a patrol boat, the report states. All the crash victims were checked out by Red Wing Fire and Ambulance personnel.

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