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List of Fatalities from Los Angeles Earthquake With AM-Quake Aftermath, Bjt

January 20, 1994

Undated (AP) _ A list of 51 earthquake fatalities: FREEWAY COLLAPSES:

- Los Angeles motorcycle Officer Clarence W. Dean, 46, killed in collapse of freeway interchange. BUILDING COLLAPSES:

- Sixteen killed in Northridge apartment complex, including Angeline (Ann) Cerone, 80; Howard Lee, 14; Darla Rae Enos, 43; Sharon Englar, 58, and her husband, Phil, 62; Cecilia Pressman and her husband, David, both 72; Bea Reskin, 71; Jaime Reyes, 19; Carol Runnings, 48; Manuel D. Sandoval, 24; Adam Slotnik, 27; Myrna Valasquez, 18. Three remain unidentified.

- Bea Baitman, 69, in Studio City home.

- Judith Ann Ng, 42, and Robert Pauline, 72, in Van Nuys home.

- Amy Vigil-Tyre, 5, crushed at a Sherman Oaks home.

- Marc Yobs, 32, and Karen Osterholt, 30, in hillside home in Sherman Oaks.

- An unidentified man inside a Northridge home. FALLS:

- Elizabeth Brace, 37, of Rancho Cucamonga, fell and hit her head on a baby crib.

- Pearl Carr, 70, fell during quake and died of head trauma at hospital.

- Hannah Kamiya, 75, fell at her Los Angles home and died at hospital.

- Gennady Khaytman, 45, fell down stairs and hit his head. He died of head trauma and possibly a heart attack at hospital.

- Jose Hernandez, 45, died in a fall from sixth-floor window of a downtown hotel. FALLING OBJECTS:

- Ted Peter Fitchner, 28, died of apparent head injuries when a microwave fell on him at his Chatsworth trailer home. FIRES:

- Evelynn B. Hanson, 92, died in a trailer fire in Northridge. ELECTROCUTION:

- Kevin C. Maher, 25, electrocuted by a power line at an unknown location and died at hospital. POWER FAILURE:

- Lionel Ventura, 20, of Sun Valley, died when power to his respirator was knocked out at Holy Cross Medical Center.

- Olga Robles Uribe, 26, was a passenger in a vehicle that overturned at an intersection where power was knocked out to traffic signal.

- Dr. Burton Krell, 59, died in a traffic accident about 15 minutes after the quake struck and knocked out power to traffic signals. He collided with another driver at a Northridge intersection. HEART ATTACKS:

- Jerry Borman, 67, at a hospital.

- Marguerite Burlington, 91, at her Reseda home.

- Leonard Glasser, 60-plus, at a hospital.

- Stella Mizrahi, 60-plus, at a hospital.

- Antonia Munoz, 66, at her Hollywood home.

- Concha Quintanar, 83, at a hospital.

- Maxfield Smith, 62, of Marina del Rey, at a hospital.

- An 80-year-old man died at a hospital.

- A 56-year-old man died at an Inglewood home. UNSPECIFIED NATURAL CAUSES:

- Norman Cole, 79, of North Hills, at a hospital.

- Madeline Riggins, 92, of Reseda, at a hospital.

- Margarita Vasquez, 73, at a hospital.

- Four others not immediately identified by coroner’s office.

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