LONDON (AP) _ An explosion at a refinery in central England sent flames roiling into the sky and shook nearby houses, but a plant official said there was just one minor injury.

Firefighters brought the blaze at a Conoco refinery under control, police said, and officials were investigating the cause. The refinery is located in Immingham, near Grimsby, 180 miles north of London.

One person was taken to a hospital with minor cuts, said a company official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The explosion rocked the surrounding area.

``It shook the house. The tremor went right through my body,'' said Angela Smith of Immingham. ``Everybody went out on the street as soon as it happened to take a look.''

``There was a whoosh sound, then an almighty explosion,'' said Pauline Hull, who chairs a local parish council and lives about a half mile from the refinery. ``After that there were many more blasts, one after the other.''

She said her neighbor's greenhouse door was blown off.