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Entire Ala. Family Enlists in the Navy

September 8, 2004

LOCUST FORK, Ala. (AP) _ Navy recruiter Wendy Chunn visited the McIntyre home hoping to persuade their 18-year-old daughter to enlist. The sales pitch worked better than she had imagined: The entire family signed up.

``No. No. Never. Never,″ Chunn said when asked if she had ever heard of an entire family enlisting. ``It’s drawing some nationwide attention.″

The family didn’t enlist all at once; the daughter, Brandi McIntyre, was the first to sign.

Brandi showed interest in joining the military last May, so her father, Kerry McIntyre, contacted the Navy recruiting office. Kerry had served in the Army during the late 1980s and early ’90s and also served briefly in the Army Reserve.

Kerry McIntyre told Chunn his 19-year-old son, Jamie, also was interested in military service. At the time, Jamie and his mother, Angela, were attending Gadsden State Community College.

After reading pamphlets for the Navy’s nuclear engineering program, Jamie’s career aspirations changed. ``He thought, `Wow, I could really do this,‴ Brandi said.

In a few months Jamie will head for active duty _ as will Brandi, who signed up to be a culinary specialist.

With both of his children enlisted, Kerry was easily sold on joining the Navy Reserves. He will keep running his heating and air-conditioning business while serving one weekend a month and two weeks a year.

His wife, however, was more hesitant. But Chunn said Kerry finally convinced her with a little guilt.

``He said, `Why don’t you do this with me? You feel the Navy is good enough for your children and not for you?‴ Chunn said, recalling a conversation Kerry had with his wife.

``Once she heard that, she said, `You are right,‴ Chunn said with a laugh. ``It was really neat.″


Information from: The Gadsden Times

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