Orchids and Onions: Friday, September 21, 2018

September 22, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to circus protestors. I may never get to Africa/Asia, but my grandfather took me to the circus. I was a city kid who fed an elephant a peanut. Monitor treatment of the animals. Don’t deny children the type of experience I had. While you protest, how hot/dry/lonely is your dog/cat?

Orchids to Havasu Palooza volunteers: Donna, Mary, Natalie, Evoni, Susie, Rick, Nick, Kathy, Ryan, Matt, Loura and husband, Kiara, Bret, Billy, Dru, Richard, Cameron, Nathan and the DJ. The event couldn’t have happened without you!

Onions to breeding dogs and killing zebras for fun. The vice president and soon-to-be-president might want to be a more humane and responsible considering the organization. Resign; you do not deserve it.

Orchids to Jason Goad, technician for Anderson Nissan who replaced strut mounts on our Maxima in less than a day. We appreciate the quality of his work and his timely completion.

Onions to the policy that prohibits dogs from riding in a car through the parking lot of Rotary. We used to roll the back window down and take old 11-year old golden retriever for a joy ride to see the lake. He never got out of the car. Now we’ll get a ticket for doing that.

Orchids to Sheriff Doug Schuster and his team who responded promptly and professionally to the tragic boat collision and all the community who supported them with food and water and snacks.

Orchids to Ed, Brandon, Alex and Jason of Shaver’s Garage Doors. You came quickly when we called for help. Terrific customer service from your entire staff. Our new garage doors are beautiful! Thank you so much. Ellen and Wayne

Orchids to Mills Brothers’ Furniture, a wonderful company. So kind. Carries the greatest names in furniture. I studied for a long time. Shopping in Havasu can be difficult. Remember Mills Brothers.

Onions to every political ad on TV. The end result is that we have the best politicians that money can buy.

Orchids to trick-or-treaters. It is a treat to see over 500 in our neighborhood every year. Most are polite and accompanied by parents or siblings. What a fine example of family values.

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