FEMA assists Pender County neighborhood still cut off by Florence’s floodwaters

September 25, 2018

While things are improving near the coast, there are still many obstacles for victims of Hurricane Florence’s floodwaters.

At first, neighbors who live in Pender County’s Wyndham Ridge neighborhood thought they were spared from Florence’s wrath, but then they quickly realized they weren’t.

“One day I thought, ‘It’s not that terrible,’” said Kenny Moore. “We didn’t have that much rain. We had some of the wind, and then I woke up the next morning, and this place was like a lake. It was flooded all the way up.”

For days, the neighborhood has been cut off by the floodwater. The only way in and out was by boat. Now, nearly two weeks later, you still cannot drive a car through the area.

Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster survivor assistance teams were going door to door talking to residents to see how they can help.

“Flooding, flooding, flooding and trees falling into houses,” said Carlos Fortuno, who is with FEMA. “There are people that are trapped in their house. The only way to get there is with boats right now because the water went down. But it’s stinking. It’s really sad.”

Residents are hopeful FEMA can help.

“They’re really receptive. They’re really happy to see us,” said Fortuno.

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