New chamber president establishes goals to lead organization

September 30, 2018

The Spring Klein Chamber of Commerce has chosen Brooks Williams to lead the organization.

Williams, from Klein, said he wanted to obtain feedback from members on priorities to help focus the chamber’s priorities.

“I hope what I bring is a fresh perspective on what young entrepreneurs, young businesses and the next generation leaders in business need and want from chambers,” he said.

Williams said he has been a independent executive consultant with Leaders at Heart since 2012.

He takes over the organization after its previous president, Myeshi Briley, stepped down in June.

After businesses in the area were affected by flooding from Hurricane Harvey, the chamber began recovery efforts for both businesses and residents by collecting donations and reaching out to community organizations.

While many businesses took months to reopen and some are still recovering, Williams said he plans to ask for more feedback to be able better to serve members.

“I’d like to have a better focus on what we’re doing rather than casting a wide net to try to catch everything. I would love for our mission to be for our businesses to see substantial growth that we can quantify and we as a chamber can actually produce a figure for them that says being a member of our chamber can give this return on investment,” he said.

Having a stronger social media presence and providing methodology and training to members are also goals Williams said he wanted to pursue.


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