The past 100 years, July 31, 2018

July 31, 2018

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

July 31, 1918: Work on the scaffold at the county jail on which, unless Governor Lindsey takes unexpected action whether by commuting or reprieving him, it is regarded as certain that Elbert Blancett will hang August 15, two weeks from Friday, has begun. The execution is regarded as so certain that the sheriff’s office is already arranging the details for the imposition of the death penalty on the slayer of Clyde Armour.

With the scaffold building, the officials of the county jail determined to remove to the state penitentiary Isidoro Martinez, convicted wife slayer, who will be kept at the prison until after the execution of Blancett. Martinez’ case is before the supreme court.

July 31, 1968: The Santa Fe Work Unit Office of the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) is asking residents to help in compiling data on the flood which followed heavy rains in Santa Fe last Thursday.

Noel Marsh, of the SCS, said that cooperation by citizens could “help to secure flood protection” for Santa Fe.

“This information,” Marsh told The New Mexican, will be extremely valuable in determining and justifying federal expenditures for future flood control measures to protect the city.”

July 31, 1993: Crowding in New Mexico prisons has reached record proportions, with hundreds of inmates being forced to bunk in communal day rooms while dozens of others are being farmed out to a private jail.

State officials say the problem does not yet constitute a crisis for New Mexico’s prison system, which earlier this month saw its inmate count hit a record 3,737 prisoners.

But barring a major change in public policy or the crime rate, the inmate population will continue to swell and place persistent pressure on the state’s prisons.

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