Kristen Bell: Balance is a four-letter word

April 3, 2019

Kristen Bell says “balance is a four-letter word”.

The ‘Frozen’ actress has opened up about her home life with husband Dax Shepard - with whom she has daughters Lincoln, five, and four-year-old Delta - and revealed that the couple make sure to prioritize “self-care” where possible as she explained the importance of “communication”.

She told E! News: “We try to have the best communication possible. To me, balance is a four-letter word, it’s just such a swear in our house. You’re never gonna feel it.

“You’re never gonna feel balanced or right... [The family has a calendar where] everyone adds their priorities whether that’s ‘I’m going to be home late this night so you gotta know that everything is on you or call a sitter’ or ‘I need some self-care this Saturday.’ ”

She added that from there, they will “try to compromise”.

Meanwhile, Kristen also revealed that the “color” is the only thing the couple don’t see eye to eye on.

She said: “We don’t see the same colors... We have never agreed on two things: teal or gunmetal grey.

″[But it] does not affect our marriage, though in the moment it seems like you very much need your partner to see the same color as you.

“Once I realized, ‘Oh, he’s colorblind,’ I was able to let it go.”

Having said that, Dax - who has been dating Kristen since 2007, and tied the knot in 2013 - previously said they “had to work really hard” at being a couple, because their personalities are so different.

He insisted: “We definitely had to work really hard at being a couple because we’re both incredibly, painfully stubborn, and we’re pretty much opposites.”