Letter: Choosing life

December 28, 2018

To the editor,

Susan Campbell, in the opinion piece “Reproductive care at risk in merger” on Dec. 26, describes the technicalities involved in planning the New Haven Primary Care Consortium that would serve “the area’s poorer residents.” She is concerned that thus limiting access to an abortion may keep women in poverty.

A few comments:

First, abortion is not health care. An abortion kills a living baby whose heart has been beating since day 22, and whose eyes, hands, legs, eyelids, toes and its own fingerprints are all formed by the eighth week, and who also can kick, turn his head, frown and has fingernails by the ninth week. The baby can grasp an object placed in its hand by the 11th week. A suction abortion machine shreds apart this living, moving baby.

Second, the best way our community now helps a low-income woman to live a joyful, fulfilling life (and still have her baby!) is through organizations that counsel with families, help with medical care, education, baby care, and jobs, and who also arrange open and traditional adoptions. Birthright International in Stamford and across the country is one example.

Why should our communities encourage women to endure a traumatic experience such as abortion and its often lifelong regret? We are much smarter than that.

We can instead use our resources to help women to have the abundant joy of choosing life for the babies and our society.

Deborah Bozek, Stamford

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