Letters To The Editor 3/22/2019

March 22, 2019

Insanity on display

Editor: While campaigning for president, Donald Trump repeatedly told supporters he was not like all other Republicans because he would not try to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

His supporters believed him and voted for him. They have continued their support for Trump despite his thousands of lies because they believe he is for them. Trump has released his proposed 2020 budget, which calls for cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid by hundreds of billions of dollars after pushing though a massive tax cut that favors the wealthiest Americans with 83 percent of the benefits. Are his supporters still for him and believe he is still for them?

If so, then Albert Einstein may come into play. Many decades ago, after a lecture, presentation reporters asked him questions and one was, what is your definition of insanity? Einstein answered that a person doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result would be insane. In my opinion, those still supporting Trump and thinking he is for them have met Einstein’s definition of insanity.




Suitable successor

Editor: I don’t know Bridget Malloy Kosierowski or Frank Scavo. I knew Sid Michaels Kavulich.

I’m an Eynon resident and don’t vote in the 114th District. I met Kavulich years ago when he worked as a disc jockey at a local radio station. I was the leader of a local polka band and worked with him at local picnics doing live broadcasts.

While participating in these broadcasts I got to know some members of his family and his mom, who was his biggest fan. His mom became a fan of our band and hired us to play at Sid’s wedding.

He later became known as Sid Michaels. We became good friends and crossed paths many times through the years. Sid was a great guy and his passing was a shock to me personally.

Watching the recent special election campaign unfold I asked myself, who would Sid want to take his place? The answer was simple: Bridget Malloy Kosierowski, a 46-year-old registered nurse.

My wife and I entertain at senior centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. We also entertain veterans when we are needed. I play trumpet and play taps when asked.

We meet people like Kosierowski all the time and love being in their company. Nurses are a value to our area, as was Kavulich. He would have loved Kosierowski.

In my opinion Scavo can’t or shouldn’t try to place himself at the same level as Kosierowski. He ran against Kosierowski, Sen. John Blake and Bob Mellow, a former senator, and lost every time.

Local businessman and political analyst Chuck Volpe is right. Scavo is 110 percent unelectable. Scavo says the people need to be saved. He is not that guy.

Congratulations to Kosierowski.




Scavo no savior

Editor: I read with despair the New York Times article that was headlined, “How Trump mindset roiled election,” when it was reprinted in Saturday’s edition of The Times- Tribune.

The piece presents a despicable view of our area that will sadly be read around the world. I wonder how many corporate executives may have read it and recoiled from moving their companies here. The xenophobia was palpable in the comments made by Frank Scavo, of Old Forge, and his supporters after he lost the recent special election for a Pennsylvania House seat.

Have these people ever heard of Baldomero Lopez, Joseph De Castro, Emilio De La Garza, Jose Jimenez, Leonard Alvarado, Jose Valdez, David Hernandez and others who are among more than 60 Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients dating back to the battle of Gettysburg?

It’s time to stop this hatred; it is not indicative of our area or its people. My wife and I returned home to our birthplace because of the quality of life here and its generous and welcoming residents. We don’t need Scavo to “save us” as he proclaims he will do. As a community we must stand up and save ourselves from people like him. God bless America.




Something in pizza

Editor: There must be something in the water — or is it the pizza — in Old Forge.

Never mind the situation on the Old Forge School Board or the controversy involving the mayor. Think about the Trump-inspired attack put forth by Frank Scavo’s recent unsuccessful campaign for state representative.

Thankfully, the voters of the 114th Legislative District rejected this nonsense.




Sunny outcome

Editor: God bless the good people of the Scranton area for their defeat of Republican extremist Frank Scavo and electing instead a moderate Democrat, Bridget Kosierowski.

Hopefully, Scranton-bred Joe Biden, a former vice president, will enter the race to become president. The nation needs him like never before.

Thank you, Scranton, for leading the way out of the Republican wilderness and into the sunshine.




Guard gets shaft

Editor: The Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security and technically is not under the Defense Department.

The Coast Guard takes care of our country, helps guard our borders and seaports. But when President Trump, like a child, shut down the government in December and January because he didn’t get his way with his proposed border wall, members of the Coast Guard did not get paid for a month while they continued to protect us.

Some members had to take out loans and go to food banks to feed their families and do without essentials, all the while protecting our country. Members of Congress still got paid for doing nothing. Shame on Trump.