WHITTIER, Calif. (AP) _ Some people have all the luck.

First, Glenn Lightner, 39, William Bittner, 51, and Dan Rego, 50, won a multi-million dollar lottery prize that will keep them in gravy for years.

Then, since they're retiring on their winnings - $172,333 a year each before taxes for 20 years - they also will receive a year's severance pay.

Their employer, beleaguered IBM, is is offering voluntary buyout packages to trim its labor force.

''We all agreed to see how fast we could get in to retire,'' Lightner said Thursday.

The three, together with co-workers William Bergaard, 51, Thomas Robbins, 47, and Cameron MacDonald, 56, shared one of three winning tickets for Wednesday's $62.2 million Super Lotto jackpot. Each winning ticket is worth $20.7 million.

Lightner said one of his first thoughts after winning the lottery was of his 120-mile daily commute to work.

''I will be glad to give that up, much as I love the ... freeway,'' he said with a smile.

The group bought 120 of the $1 lottery tickets for Wednesday's drawing.

Lorenzo Cerezo, 27, of Placentia, a convenience store clerk, held one of the other winning tickets. He said he planned to go to college and open a business.

The owner of the third ticket had not yet come forward, lottery officials said.