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May 14, 1986

LONDON (AP) _ Actress Judy Carne, known for her role in the 1960s television series ″Laugh-In,″ has lost an appeal against a three-month jail sentence for drug possession.

Miss Carne, 46, former wife of actor Burt Reynolds, dabbed tears from her eyes when a judge announced the decision Tuesday in the Court of Appeal.

She has been in jail since April 23, when she started serving the sentence handed down in Northampton Crown Court for two drug charges. The court suspended an additional six-month sentence.

Miss Carne pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine and amphetamines at her home in the village of Church Brampton last October and to trying to bring cocaine and marijuana through London’s Heathrow Airport in December.


LITTLE COMPTON, R.I. (AP) - Deacons of the United Congregational Church made it clear they frown on witches, but say they won’t stand in the way of Jack Nicholson making a movie about them.

In a letter to congregants, the deacons said Warner Bros. would be allowed to use the white-steepled church as a backdrop for the filming of John Updike’s racy novel ″The Witches of Eastwick,″ starring Nicholson.

But they said the movie company first must get approval from the Town Council, which has scheduled a May 22 vote on whether to allow the filming in the picturesque town of 3,200 this summer.

Petitions for and against the filming are circulating. Supporters say Little Compton would benefit from the influx of attention and tourists, but opponents say the quiet town could be overrun by the movie-makers.


HONOLULU (AP) - Ice skating queen Dorothy Hamill says that after 10 years on the road she’s tired of touring.

″I don’t want to say I’m retiring, because I might change my mind,″ said the 29-year-old former Olympic gold medalist. ″I’m just tired of touring, of living out of suitcases.″

Hamill, who is engaged to Los Angeles fitness expert Ken Forsythe, is giving her final tour performances here in ″Festival on Ice.″ The show opened Tuesday night and continues through May 18.

Hamill said she hopes to conduct skating clinics, and wants to teach blind people how to skate.

″I’ll always skate, because it’s therapy for me. I can get away from everything, from home problems, professional hassles,″ she said.


NEW YORK (AP) - Comedian Joan Rivers, who had canceled an appearance on NBC-TV’s ″Late Night With David Letterman,″ burst onto the set during taping and drew loud applause from the audience.

Miss Rivers on Monday canceled an appearance on the show because it is co- produced by Johnny Carson’s production company, and Miss Rivers is planning her own late-night show to compete with Carson.

On Tuesday, while ″Letterman″ was being taped, Miss Rivers suddenly walked onto the set and stayed about 90 seconds, said NBC spokeswoman Virginia Holden. ″I was in the control room and I assure you this was not expected.

″Letterman, of course, was real cool, but the audience was hysterical - hooting, clapping.″

Miss Rivers explained to Letterman: ″I just wanted to invite you to the NBC employee party because I don’t think I will be going. Bring me back a sandwich.″

Just before she appeared on the ″Letterman″ set, Miss Rivers had been interviewed by a news program in the same building about her new talk show.


BOSTON (AP) - Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak says the development of personal computers has become less rewarding for inventors since the industry moved from the garage to the corporate laboratory.

″It’s so planned now and structured that the feeling you get out of it isn’t the same,″ Wozniak said Tuesday. Wozniak, who now runs his own small computer company, left Apple last year, saying it had lost its soul.

″The feeling from the motivations point of view is different when it was just a bunch of kids scrambling around. We had a place of importance in the world,″ said Wozniak, who was in Boston to judge a contest for the most significant pioneering personal computers.

Wozniak and his partner Steven Jobs assembled the first Apple computers in a garage in 1975 before they linked up with a business manager and raised capital. The company grew to a half-billion-dollar-a-year business six years later.

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