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The Material Girl says says she’s “too

July 21, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ The Material Girl says says she’s ``too practical″ to live as luxuriously as Gianni Versace did.

In a remembrance of the slain designer published in the latest Time magazine, Madonna recalls a few days she spent at Versace’s villa near Italy’s Lake Como. She remembered pressing her face ``onto the cool marble of any number of naked-men statues that filled his bedrooms″ and being waited on by white-gloved servants.

``Dirty clothes never stayed on the floor for more than a few seconds, and beautiful Versace gowns kept arriving. A new batch every day. I even wore one to dinner,″ she wrote. ``I was envious of a person who had the courage to live life so luxuriously. I’m too practical for that.″

However, Madonna said evidence of Versace’s work ethic was plentiful, from sketches and marked art books scattered about the house to piles of magazines open to articles or ads featuring his clothes.

``Obviously, we were enjoying the fruits of Gianni’s labor,″ she said.


NEW YORK (AP) _ The Vanessa Williams who starred in ``Eraser″ has seen that name erased from the Screen Actors Guild registry. It’s now Vanessa L. Williams.

The singer, actress and former Miss America shared the screen name with the actress in TV’s ``Chicago Hope.″ But the other Williams registered first and recently asked the union to impose the initial distinction.

Vanessa Lynne Williams’ publicist told Entertainment Weekly’s latest edition that the other Williams was having problems with the confusion and had the right to ask for the change.

Vanessa L. Williams appears with Vivica A. Fox (``Independence Day″) in ``Soul Food,″ a family drama due Oct. 3.


ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) _ Dennis Miller has cut back on his therapy sessions now that he has his own show.

The comic says ``Dennis Miller Live″ on HBO allows him to gripe about everything from gutless politicians to obnoxious activists.

``I have a great place to rant: my show. Most people don’t,″ he told USA Weekend. ``It’s therapy. It’s the same stuff I used to say to my shrink.″

Miller’s biggest scoldings are aimed at those who try to bully others to adopt their philosophies.

``It’s narcissistic to think you can change someone’s beliefs,″ Miller said. ``I don’t think people can influence each other on core issues like abortion. Whether to use AT&T or MCI? Yeah, people flip back and forth. But core issues? No.″

Miller satirized the news on ``Saturday Night Live″ from 1985-91 and on his failed talk show in 1992.

And if he loses his new show? Miller said he would likely schedule more therapy.


RENO, Nev. (AP) _ Reno concert fans love Neil Diamond. And, oh, that Pavarotti. But for slam-dunk sellouts, Garth Brooks is the champion.

It took just 72 minutes to sell all 12,000 tickets for Brooks’ Sept. 5 appearance over the weekend. That edged out the sellout speed for Diamond last year and for Luciano Pavarotti in April.

``I’m here for my kids because they are at work,″ said B.J. Burson of Sparks. ``This is my first Garth Brooks concert. But I’m not standing in line just for my kids. If only two tickets are left, I’m going.″

Three minutes after the sellout, a Sept. 4 concert date was announced.

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