Rockmart weightlifters earn top spots in sectionals competition

March 3, 2019

A newer sport for the Rockmart Yellow Jackets has the team members heading off to the state level after placing well in sectionals competition in past days.

Weightlifting has been at Rockmart for a while and Jackets coach Nick Sike was able to report last week that teammates were able to make big strides in their latest season.

He said the team “competed against every school in the west sectionals of Georgia” and that the March 16 state championship will be held on March 16 at Jefferson County High School, where three weightlifters from each weight class.

It’s the third year the school has competed for state titles. They finished fifth as a team in state competition for 2018.

Results from the recent competition for West Sectionals included a first place win for Jourdan Rachel in the 226 to 245 division, and a second place finish for junior Mekhi Floyd for the under 140 pound weight division. Rockmart also scored a second for junior Paine Culver for 141-150 pounds and Kelan Pitts tied for third place in the same division, and a fifth place finish for senior weightlifter ZJ Whatley in the 151-160 pound division.

Senior Tyler Abrams took a fourth place finish in the 161-170 pound division, and sophomore Kieron Roberts took a third place tie in the 171-180 division.

A fifth place finish for Juke Boozer in the same division was also recorded.

Deacon Allen took a sixth place finish in the Unlimited division.

The Top 5 from each weight division qualifies for the state championship round for Class AA on March 16.