This content is a press release from our partner ACCESSWIRE. The AP newsroom and editorial departments were not involved in its creation.
This content is a press release from our partner ACCESSWIRE. The AP newsroom and editorial departments were not involved in its creation.

International Blockchain Fund: A FOF With a Long-Term Commitment to the Value of Blockchain Field

February 22, 2019

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2019 / The International Blockchain Fund is a world-class investment institution that has long been committed to promoting the development of blockchain technology. It is also the earliest and largest blockchain special fund in the world. The fund’s founding team consists of a group of top technology bulls at Silicon Valley and veteran investment experts in Wall Street. Since its founding in 2010, it has attracted a large number of high-end talent who are world-class elite and has famous enterprises background. International blockchain fund has now set up offices or research centers in the frontier areas of blockchain technology such as Silicon Valley, New York, London, Berlin, Sydney, Tokyo and Seoul.

As one of the earliest investment institutions in the world that recognizes blockchain technology and philosophy and focuses on this market, the International Blockchain Fund has been in- depth understanding of industry and market, tracking the latest technologies in real time, and keeping in touch with the top blockchain R&D team in the past 8 years.

Unlike traditional funds that support a single project, the International Blockchain Fund hopes to cover the whole industry and help high-quality blockchain projects around the world. Therefore, the International Blockchain Fund was initially positioned as the parent fund of the investment blockchain special fund (fund of fund). With in-depth understanding of markets, technologies and teams, the fund has invested a lot of effort in the inspection of the investment teams of the industry, then elect the most comprehensive investment institutions which fit our concept to invest large capital. By investing in excellent special blockchain fund, the International Blockchain Fund indirectly holds nearly one-third of the world’s top 100 market capitalization of the head of the project as well as a large number of very promising new projects.

The fund upholds the idea of building a better world with more fairness (with the distribution of resources) and more decentralization (decentralization of information transfer), and establishes a ternary investment logic based on ″technology, demand, and team″. It prudently and firmly practices the strategic direction of value investment. Therefore, the first limited partners who have long-term cooperation with the International Blockchain Fund have accumulated hundreds of times of investment income. It is precisely because of the excellent investment performance of the international blockchain fund that it has attracted more and more top global consortiums. Up to now, the fund’s global management scale has exceeded 10 billion US dollars, and no investment institutions have voluntarily withdrawn up until now.

With the development of blockchain technology entering the tenth year, the International Blockchain Fund that has been immersed in this track for eight years believes that the R&D and investment of blockchain projects are entering a critical transitional stage. The virtual high asset prices are returning to rational. Rigorous and conservative market sentiment is accelerating the elimination of not good projects or technologies. High-frequency exposure and promotion are increasing the public’s awareness and acceptance of the blockchain. Therefore, the International Blockchain Fund, which was relatively low-key among the public, took the initiative to assume greater social responsibility after following its own concept and making achievements in the investment field.

As a result, the International Blockchain Fund has launched two major programs: Millions of Scientific Research Laboratories and the Millionaire Club. The fund believes that the next step in the development of blockchain technology is inseparable from high-end technology development teams and a large number of technology users. Therefore, the fund has proposed the above plans for these two groups of people. ″Millions of Scientific Research Laboratories″ will establish cooperative research projects with the world’s top prestigious computer labs. Each project has a research budget of 10 million dollars. It is funded by the International Blockchain Fund and has reached cooperation intention with many top universities around the world, including Ivy League Universities.The direction of cooperation includes but is not limited to personal information privacy protection, more economical value transmission mode and so on.

As for the ″Millionaire Club″ project which covers more people, the fund hopes to build a bridge between the blockchain world and the average users. Technology which cannot be accept by users is worthless, and those users who miss the technology will lose a better world. Therefore, the International Blockchain Fund, which has cooperated with hundreds of head blockchain projects, hopes to promote those projects to more users, and achieve a million-scale community size; at the same time, it hopes to let early users not only embrace the new technology, but also benefit from it and get millions of assets. For the fund, this community will not only be an important entry for projects, but also help to achieve large-scale profitability. It is also a ″special partner″ who supports the fund and shares huge profits.

The club has designed a variety of motivators to attract users to join the “Millionaire Club”. Users will become official members of the club after making enough contributions for the community. When we gather together, the club will eventually become an unprecedented million-level active community. The huge scale effect will better promote the development of quality projects, enabling the fund and club members to jointly mobilize the blockchain market of 100 billion dollars.

In order to promote the rapid start of the Millionaire Club and stimulate more people’s curiosity about blockchain technology, the fund has launched the first community building game - “Millionaire”, and welcomes you to join!

Company: International Blockchain Fund

Contact Person: Rene Rochon

Website: http://www.iibfs.com