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Missing Heir To J.R. Ewing Surfaces In East Boston

November 29, 1987

BOSTON (AP) _ He wasn’t nearly as rich as his television namesake, but there was a real J.R. Ewing.

And now, seven years after the real J.R. Ewing died in a squalid rooming house in Houston, his son has discovered that he is heir to his father’s $150,000 estate.

A pleased and somewhat stunned Charles Ewing said it has been more than three decades since he last saw his father, coincidentally named the same as the tycoon oilman of the TV show ″Dallas.″ J.R. Ewing had abandoned his family.

After the elder Ewing’s death, an attorney was appointed to find his heirs but he said he was unable to find Ewing despite an exhaustive search.

On Saturday a friend of Ewing told him an article in The Boston Globe described the search for a Charles Ewing who had lived in East Boston. Ewing, who said he would never have read the paper otherwise, called the attorney.

″Jeez, I’m the easiest guy in the world to find,″ Ewing told the Globe. ″Just go up to Central Square and ask anybody where they can find Charlie Ewing.″

Ewing, 51, a painter and wallpaper hanger, was stunned not only by the news that he was $150,000 richer but also that his father had died.

″It really hasn’t sunk in yet,″ he said. ″I still haven’t gotten over the shock. I’m sorry I didn’t hear that he had died. I’m mad because they didn’t notify me.″

The real J.R. Ewing was no tycoon oilman, although he did live in Texas. He was a merchant marine sailor who liked to dress well, drink and play the saxophone, the younger Ewing said.

Court-appointed attorney Edward D. Gillette said he went to J.R.’s trash- strewn apartment in a seedy rooming house in Houston after the man’s death hoping to find $200 to pay for a burial.

Instead, he discovered a paper bag containing $150,000 in cash, uncashed checks and securities stuffed in paper bags.

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