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Letting down their hair: Youtheatre has fun with ‘Rapunzel’

Corey McMakenMay 17, 2019

Rapunzel stands in a tower, her golden hair spilling down toward a menacing witch. Somewhere out there is a prince that will find the beautiful girl, fall in love and rescue her.

This sounds like a familiar story, but there’s a twist in Youtheatre’s production this weekend.

Youtheatre Executive Director Todd Espeland says “Commedia Rapunzel” is almost like a Looney Tunes cartoon version of the fairy tale. In the show, more than 20 youth actors play members of a theater troupe that are putting on a production of “Rapunzel.”

So the fairy tale most of us know is there. “But the way the story comes about using all these crazy comedy stereotypes (is really fun),” Espeland says.

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