LETTER: Assessments: ‘Totally unfair and greedy’

March 31, 2019

The recent property assessments are once again a ripoff. Totally unfair and greedy. This city is out of control with wasteful spending on old buildings downtown, trails, parks, the Hard Rock area and venues you can’t fill and taxpayers maintain.

Enough is enough. Everyone needs to appeal. You do not own your home in Sioux City. You rent it. My home has foundation problems in part due to neglect of the busy and busted-up street I live on. The ever-increasing truck traffic rattles my windows and cracks my foundation. Some of my young neighbors paid too much money for their homes. Don’t charge me for it. I have lived here all my life. I strongly encourage people to live in South Dakota. The city gets a grant for a few million for old buildings, then the taxpayer can fund the rest and maintain the building. Just because the city gets a grant for a renovation project does not mean it’s not tax money or a sensible priority in the first place.

Taxation without representation. We get no vote, no say. This is an outrage. People need to stand together and all appeal this ripoff. - Craig Brubaker, Sioux City