LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Recently released court records provide new details about the moments before a shooting that injured more than two dozen people last summer at a Little Rock nightclub.

The documents about the July shooting at Power Ultra Lounge were released on Thursday, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported .

Police arrested Tyler Clay Jackson in October on charges of second-degree battery and aggravated assault and accuse him of being the initial shooter. The 19-year-old told police he fired about 10 shots into the nightclub crowd and shot at least three people, according to the court files.

Jackson told police he rode to the club with several people, including three people he called "Frog," ''Jay" and "Boo-man," who along with him all carried guns inside the club that night, according to court records.

"Mr. Jackson stated he had a 10mm pistol that 'Frog' gave him because 'they may see some people in the club they do not like.' Mr. Jackson described the gun as black with a gold handle," court documents show.

Police said from the beginning that the shooting involved rival gangs, but they haven't disclosed which gangs were involved. Police are unable to say whether Jackson has any gang associations, said Lt. Michael Ford, a spokesman for Little Rock police.

Police said they also spoke to a witness in October who was identified through video footage taken at the club. The witness told police he arrived alone to the club that night and sat next to someone who looked like a teenager, according to court documents. The witness allegedly told police the teen he sat next to stood up and fired a gun several times.

"The person sitting next to (the witness) was yelling 'Crips,' and the persons they were yelling at were yelling back, 'Bloods,'" court files stated.

Another shooting witness told police she heard "someone yell something about 'Monroe' street gang affiliation" before the shooting, according to court records. Police said the Monroe Street Hustlers gang has been tied to several Little Rock shootings in the past.

Officials have formed a joint task force to target gangs and violent crime in Little Rock after the shooting.


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