MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ Ousted President Joseph Estrada, detained while undergoing a corruption trial, was brought under guard to a suburban Manila clinic Sunday for eye surgery.

An anti-corruption court allowed Estrada to have the surgery but has turned down his other demands, including a trip to the United States for a knee replacement operation and being allowed home for Christmas.

Estrada's wife, Loi, was with him when he was brought to the Asian Eye Institute Sunday in a shopping center in the financial district of Makati, said his aide, Ferdie Ramos.

Estrada has a cataract and a cyst in his left eye, among various health problems that have prevented him from attending his trial for the capital offense of economic plunder, which is defined as illegally amassing more than $1 million.

Estrada, a former action movie star, was ousted in January by mass protests sparked by his alleged corruption and misrule. He was arrested in April and put on trial Oct. 1.

He has been accused of enriching himself off tax kickbacks, illegal gambling payoffs and commissions from government transactions during the 31 months he was in office. He denies any wrongdoing.

The Sandiganbayan court last week canceled the rest of his trial proceedings scheduled for this month after the judge assigned to handle his case was suspended.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday indefinitely barred Justice Anacleto Badoy from handling Estrada's trial until it resolves questions about his neutrality and conduct. The trial is set to resume Jan. 7.