Attorney General Janet Reno Hospitalized in Mexico City After Fainting Briefly at Reception and is Being Treated for Gallstones

Reno, who was attending a conference of Western Hemisphere prosecutors, became nauseous and fainted briefly while attending the opening reception Tuesday night, said Justice Department spokesman Bert Brandenburg.

Reno, who will return to Miami today to rest, was taken to the Estado Mayor Presidente hospital for observation and later diagnosed as having gallstones and suffering from fatigue, Brandenburg said.

``I talked to her this morning. She is feeling fine,'' Brandenburg said. ``She indicated she is anxious to get back to work.''

Brandenburg said Reno would spend the Thanksgiving holiday weekend at her home in Miami, where she had originally planned to go after the Inter-Americas Association of Public Prosecutors conference.

Ms. Reno began feeling ill while attending the conference's opening reception at the El Camino Real hotel. The conference is a gathering of law enforcement officials from 28 nations.