PIERRE, S.D. (AP) _ Gov. Bill Janklow has signed an emergency bill setting aside money to send the entire state Legislature to Washington to lobby on behalf of farmers.

Janklow said he signed the bill Monday. It calls for spending up to $95,000 to send all 105 members of the Legislature to Washington. Money donated by people across the state, mostly $1 at a time, will also be used to pay for the trip.

The lawmakers will fly to Washington Monday night so they can spend Tuesday meeting with members of Congress and Reagan administration officials to press home the point that farmers face serious financial trouble.

Delegations of lawmakers from other agricultural states also plan to be in Washington next week to urge federal action to help farmers, said state House Speaker Don Ham.

''We're still hoping to meet with either the president or vice president,'' he said.

So far, lawmakers are sure they'll meet with congressional leaders, Agriculture Secretary John Block and Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, Ham said.

''We want to meet with as many people as possible to sensitize people in the administration and in the Congress ... to educate them that there is a serious agricutlural problem,'' Ham said.

Lawmakers will probably avoid proposing a lot of specific suggestions to help farmers, but will leave it up to farm-state congressmen to make those proposals, Ham said.

Lawmakers have said a cut in the federal budget deficit is needed to trim interests rates, which in turn would reduce farmers' operating costs and make it easier to sell American farm products overseas. Long-term programs should also be aimed at allowing farmers to sell their products at prices that meet their costs of production, they have said.