WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (AP) — When Heather Partin began filming a hilarious exchange with her husband, she never imagined the responses she would receive.

Partin, 33 of Williamsburg, asked Chris, 38, what "Y-E-S" spells and she filmed the conversation. When he correctly responded "yes," she asked a follow-up question: What does "E-Y-E-S" spell?

Rather than respond with the correct pronunciation of "eyes," Chris confidently just added a long-E sound in front of his previous answer and said "E-yes."

Heather asked the questions several more times and continued to receive the same responses from her husband in the nearly three-minute long video.

She posted it on Facebook and it went viral almost immediately, with her friends commenting and sharing the video, and their friends doing the same.

"I was just totally amazed," she said. "I knew it was funny. I didn't think people would like it as much as they did, though."

By Thursday afternoon, the video had been watched 2.3 million times and shared more than 36,000 times.

Chris has been a good sport about it all, according to his wife.

"He's just shocked and can't believe how many people have seen it," she said. "He's happy to make other people happy."

Heather, who said she got the idea of the questions through a YouTube video she saw, eventually did tell her husband what exactly 'E-Y-E-S' spells, and he laughed at his own mistake.

"I really thought he would get it immediately. I had to ask him a few times before I started recording," Heather said.


Information from: Lexington Herald-Leader, http://www.kentucky.com