Loanable is Also Inviting Readers to Come Up with their Own Ideas on How to Blow a Billion; the Winner will Win 1 Full Bitcoin and Other Prizes

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2018 / The founders of Loanable are pleased to announce that they have just released a humorous infographic titled Brewster's Billions that illustrates 10 fun ways people can spend a billion pounds. The new infographic coincides with a new competition that invites readers to come up with their own 10 ways to spend a billion, all for a chance to win a Bitcoin and other cool prizes.

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As a company spokesperson noted, movie fans may remember the 1980s film "Brewster's Millions," a funny film that involved actor Richard Prior being challenged to spend $30 million in 30 days—all so he can inherit $300 million.

Thanks to inflation, spending $30 million in a month isn't quite the challenge it used to be. So, the founders of Loanable upped the amount to one billion pounds to see what visitors to their site could come up with.

"We are inviting all readers to send in their 10 most fun ways to blow a billion pounds," the spokesperson noted, adding that while people do not have to add illustrations to their suggestions, they should give a brief description of how their spending would add up in each transaction.

"We will then decide on the top 3 who will win the following prizes: a Bitcoin, an iPhone 8 and a drone."

In order to inspire people, the infographic includes 10 imaginative ways to blow a billion—the first idea involves creating a country from scratch. After deciding on a military dictatorship or a parliamentary democracy and looking at spending over 3 years—including the cost of an army, roads and infrastructure and more, the founders concluded this option would cost around 200 million pounds, give or take.

Other ideas include commissioning a life-sized remote controlled T-Rex, paying The Rolling Stones for a personal concert and starting a luxury resort for single seniors over the age of 65.

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