BAKU, Azerbaijan (AP) _ The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said a Russian warplane dropped a bomb on a peaceful village Friday, but the Russian Air Force denied the claim.

The defense ministry said that the bomb was dropped on Gymyr, a village about 220 miles northwest of the capital, Baku. There were no casualties, but some houses were damaged, it said.

The Russian Air Force denied the incident.

``There weren't, and there couldn't be, any Russian military aircraft in the region, not to mention them attacking anything,'' Russian Air Force chief Col. Gen. Anatoly Kornukov said, according to the Interfax news agency.

Kornukov added that the Russian Federal Border Service reported that an unidentified aircraft had crashed in the Gymyr vicinity, according to Interfax.

Russia has been carrying massive air raids on the breakaway republic of Chechnya to destroy Islamic militants, who have attacked the neighboring region of Dagestan. The militants have also been blamed for a series of apartment bombings in Russia last month that killed about 300 people.

The Azerbaijan region where the bomb allegedly fell is about 55 miles south of Chechnya.