REVERE, Mass. (AP) — Greyhounds haven't been running at Revere's Wonderland Dog Track for five years, but a new animal has taken up residence at the site.

The Daily Item reports ( ) a pair of ospreys have built a nest on a light tower located in the former racetrack's parking lot.

Ospreys are large, brown-and-white hawks identified by a dark eye stripe on a white head.

Officials say the ospreys are "housekeeping," which is a dry run for young birds to learn nest building. They believe the birds could be early colonizers for the area.

Like bald eagles, the osprey was endangered by the pesticide DDT, which prevented the birds from producing eggshells hard enough to withstand incubation.

To help the birds recover, organizations have erected wooden nesting platforms along the coast.


Information from: The (Lynn, Mass.) Daily Item,