NEW YORK (AP) _ Quentin Carter refused to be bullied into giving a quarter to another boy. The next day, on the eve of his 13th birthday, he was shot to death.

Police early today arrested 16-year-old Brian Wright in the slaying of the boy, called Junior by his friends and family.

Quentin died Monday evening, the day after he sneered at Wright in front of a group of youngsters when the teen-ager demanded a quarter, the Daily News quoted a police source as saying.

``I guess you're gonna die,'' the officer quoted the gunman as saying.

``I guess you're gonna have to kill me,'' Quentin reportedly answered.

The next night, police said, Wright returned to the neighborhood where Quentin lived with his mother, five sisters and a brother. Wright found the boy, chased him and shot him, police said.

Quentin was first shot in the back, the boy's aunt, Sharon Ellis, said.

``He ran a few feet and then got another bullet in the back of the head. He then fell to the ground and received three shots to the rib cage _ once above the heart,'' she said.

Police picked up Wright at about 2 a.m. today on a Queens street after receiving a tip on his whereabouts, said officer Valerie St. Rose. He was charged with murder.

Instead of celebrating his birthday, Quentin's family was preparing his funeral.

``He was so excited to become a teen-ager,'' Ellis said. ``We still have his cake ready to be cut.''