Light snow fell over New York and Pennsylvania early this morning. Rain dampened southern Florida while fair conditions dominated much of the rest of the country.

A fast moving low pressure system continued to move off the coast of southern New England today. Snow showers across Pennsylvania, New York, and northward into Maine were to end by midday.

Additional accumulations of 1 to 3 inches are expected in a band from eastern New York into Massachusetts, with lighter amounts extending southward into New Jersey.

The snow may mix with rain over Virginia and Delaware, where no snow accumulations are expected. Clouds will be on the decrease across all of the Northeast this evening, as high pressure moves into the region.

A warm front moving across the western and northern Great Lakes region was to bring some scattered snow showers.

High pressure over the southern Rockies, Plains, and into the Southeast will bring fair and mild weather. Skies will generally be clear to partly cloudy.

The only exception to the dry and pleasant weather will be southern Florida, where scattered showers were possible.

Upper level high pressure will be moving eastward across the Rockies, bringing mild and dry weather to the central and northern Rockies.

A storm system will be moving onshore across Northern California, bringing light to moderate rain showers into the region. Gusty southerly winds will be possible in the Sierras and through western Nevada ahead of the storm, with gusts to 50 mph possible across the ridgetops and the basins.

The high temperature in the Lower 48 Sunday was 87 in Gila Bend, Ariz; the low of minus 34 was recorded in International Falls, Minn.

Highs today were expected to reach the 70s in Florida and the Southwest, the 60s in the Plains, the 50s in the Northwest, the 40s in the Midwest and the 30s in the Northeast.

Other reports at 5 a.m. EST. (atmospheric conditions not available for many cities.)

_East: Albany, N.Y., 8 snow; Atlanta 39 fair; Boston 19 snow; Buffalo 8 snow; Caribou -18 fair; Charleston, S.C. 39 fair; Chattanooga 35 fair; Cincinnati 21 cloudy; Cleveland 15 cloudy; Detroit 10 fair; Hatteras 44 fair; Jacksonville 37 fair; Key West 69 windy; Knoxville 33 fair; Macon 33 fair; Miami 66 cloudy; New York 32 cloudy; Philadelphia 33 windy; Pittsburgh 19 snow; Portland, Maine, 10 snow; Richmond 37 fair; Tampa 53 cloudy ; Washington D.C., 33 windy.

_Central: Birmingham 33 fair; Bismarck 14 fair; Chicago 21 cloudy; Denver 40 cloudy; Des Moines 26 misty; Fort Worth 46 fair; Galveston 49 fair; Indianapolis 21 misty; Little Rock 35 fair; Louisville 26 fair; Memphis 35 fair; Minneapolis/St. Paul 19 misty; Nashville 30 fair; New Orleans 46 fair; North Platte 28 fair; Kansas City 39 fair; Oklahoma City 40 fair; Omaha 32 misty ; Rapid City 40 fair; San Antonio 39 fair; St. Louis 28 fair.

_West: Albuquerque 44 fair; Anchorage 30 cloudy; Boise 49 cloudy; Casper 37 fair; Fairbanks 8 cloudy; Great Falls 48 windy; Honolulu 69 fair; Las Vegas 53 fair; Los Angeles 55 fair; Medford 46; Pendleton 51 cloudy; Phoenix 64 cloudy; Portland, Ore., 48 cloudy; Reno 49 windy; Salt Lake City 49 cloudy; San Diego 53 fair; San Francisco 53 cloudy; Seattle 46 windy; Spokane 40 cloudy.