Undated (AP) _ Europe welcomed the New Year with bells and two new countries Friday. But there was fighting in Somalia and Bosnia, and British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd spoke of a world filled with growing troubles.

Celebrations in Hong Kong turned to tragedy when 20 people died and 69 were injured in a stampede. Ten people were reported killed in the Philippines during festivities featuring fireworks and gunshots into the air.

Americans settled in for a day of parades and televised college football after unusually mild temperatures brought more than 300,000 cork-popping revelers out to see the ball drop in New York's Times Square at midnight.

President Bush saw in 1993 aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli stationed off the coast of Somalia. He offered thanks to appreciative American troops for working to end the famine-stricken nation's suffering.

In the suburbs of Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, clan fighters traded mortar fire on New Year's Eve in the heaviest shelling since the U.S. Marines arrived on Dec. 9.

In a message to Britain's diplomatic staff on Friday, Foreign Secretary Hurd spoke of ''a world of increasing disorder,'' in which the struggles in the ruins of Yugoslavia were the most striking example.

Pope John Paul II issued a New Year's Day appeal for peace in the ''martyred lands'' of Bosnia and the Balkans and an end to the violence in the Middle East.

Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The breakup, rooted in ethnic rivalries and political disagreements, occurred as peacefully as when Czechoslovakia threw off Communist rule three years ago.

The Slovak capital, Bratislava, marked the birth of the new state of 5.2 million people with the raising of the new Slovak flag, songs, and fireworks.

North Korea's president, Kim Il Sung, said his communist nation would seek international cooperation for its reunification with capitalist South Korea. He previously had discouraged foreign involvement in the issue.

Millions of Japanese thronged shrines to welcome the Year of the Rooster after temple bells rang out the Year of the Monkey.

Prime Minister John Major of Britain ignited one of 12 beacons as the European Community's plan for a single market for trade and free movement among its 338 million people went into effect.

Some 500 people celebrated the event aboard the Pride of Kent ferry as it made its first trip of the New Year across the English Channel from Calais, France to Dover, Britain.

Italian state television broadcast a customs sign being removed from a French border stop in Ventimiglia, Italy.

At the Goldene Bremm checkpoint on the Franco-German border, revelers hugged each other at the stroke of midnight.