LA PALMA, Calif. (AP) _ When Ultra Limousine of La Palma offers commuters a car pool, the company isn't kidding.

Riders with enough money - the company wouldn't say how much - can ride to work in a 50-foot-long, 10-wheeled customized car with a 3-foot-deep swimming pool in the rear. They can talk on one of four mobile telephones, microwave some lunch or watch something else swim in several fish tanks.

The limousine took 31/2 years to create and is ''worth over a million dollars,'' said Craig Hoelzel, a spokesman for the company, which is located about 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

Ultra Limousine is negotiating with a company that would use the eye- catching automobile for advertising, Hoelzel said.


OGLESBY, Texas (AP) - You'd think getting bitten by a cobra would be enough for anybody, but Butch Heffelfinger just keeps coming back and kissing snakes.

''I was like 99 percent of the general public,'' Heffelfinger said of the experience that left him with a long scar after a cobra bit him several years ago at a snake show in Seguin.

''I was totally ignorant about snakes,'' he said Saturday after kissing another cobra at the annual Oglesby Rattlesnake Hunt and Flea Market. ''It was like, 'If you see a snake, kill it.' That's wrong.''

Now, Heffelfinger and other members of the Heart of Texas Snake Handlers hold demonstrations of snake safety, not only to amaze the crowds, but to chisel away at myths about the wriggly reptiles.

''We don't hold it against the snake,'' said Allen Strahan, spokesman for the 10-year-old club. ''It's not their fault that we get bitten.''

Central Texas residents have been hunting rattlesnakes in this community near Waco for the past three weeks to enter in the show, sponsored by the Oglesby Lion's Club.

More than 200 snakes - including a record 68-incher - were brought to the Senior Citizens' Center for the show Saturday morning. But most of the snakes in the pit were brought by the handlers.